New island!

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Ayra the Herbalist has discovered a new Island of Wild Flora! 💐 On an island covered with thick tropical jungles grows a unique plant, from which an experienced botanist can cut a valuable shoot. ✂️

Sail to the Island of Wild Flora today and get a shoot of a new rare plant!

Main reward info:

On this island, you can obtain a shoot of Acacia, a new unique plant. Make sure to use pruning shears to get it! You can learn more about growing plants in our Knowledge Base.

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Come to discuss the adventure in the game’s chat or our Facebook community! 🗣️


🔹The Island of Wild Flora is available to islanders level 16 and up.

🔹The island will close for all players on May 30, 12:59 a.m. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). 🕐